Zayn Malik‘s older sister Doniya Malik recently gave her first-ever interview on the BBC Asian Network, and the fashion and beauty blogger was asked about her brother’s engagement to Perrie Edwards. Thankfully, it seems like they all get along really well, and the oldest Malik is already treating her soon-to-be sister-in-law as just another part of the family!

When the host Noreen Khan asked her about her relationship with the Little Mix singer, she said, “It’s pretty cool. Like, Perrie’s a really nice girl, she’s really friendly, very easy to get on with, down-to-earth. So I’d say just how it is with my sisters.”

We’ve seen Perrie going to the movies with the Malik girls, so we knew that they got along well. But it’s good to hear that straight from the source! His sister has previously thrown shade at Directioners who criticized Zerrie, so we think it’s true. Doniya really does treat her brother’s fiancée like a sister.

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