Zayn Malik Is Hiding Even More Music

70166At this point, we all know that Zayn Malik secretly recorded music and music videos with Naughty Boy and the rap duo Krept and Konan. But the rappers recently opened up again about the formerOne Direction singer, and they promise that they'll be releasing new music with the Bradford Bad Boy when the time is right. "Zayn is mad cool, you know? He's like one of us but it's just that because he's in a boy band you just think he's not. Do you get what I mean?" Konan said. "He's down to earth, he's proper cool. He can sing, you know? I wasn't really into One Direction to be honest, there were a couple where I thought 'this is catchy' but I didn't take them in as singers. We just chill in [the studio] anyway; us, Naughty and him." Krept added, "Zayn's into urban music. Genuinely into it. He listens to the Chris Browns and Skeptas." When asked about the music video, he tried to keep things a bit mysterious and didn't even want to admit that there's a video out there (even though he's previously confirmed it). He also teased that they made music that will be released "when the time's right." "Yeah...maybe there's a video in there somewhere. Maybe there's one out there, maybe it might never come out. There's no specific date. You just make music and [release it] when the time's right. There might be a leak, I don't know. We won't leak it, though." But it is news that they're not going to leak it, especially because they kind of hinted before that they'd be doing it. Either way, it almost sounds like Zayn has a secret musical life we had no clue about. Crazy, right?!

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