Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy’s fight goes down in history as epic, but it wasn’t for the reason you think! Krept, from Krept and Konan, the rap duo who collaborated with the Bradford Bad Boy on “No Type,” says that their fight goes way beyond the leaked vid. In fact, the rapper told The Sun that their fight has to do with something else entirely.

“The video is not released or leaked. I put a clip of it on my Snapchat and a fan decided to put it on YouTube. Zayn knows this,” Krept said.

When asked about why the Bradford Bad Boy lashed out at Naughty Boy after the video leaked, the rapper said that it’s completely unrelated.

“Because there’s more to it which is between them,” he teased.

Oh snap, Krept can’t just leave us hanging like that! Hopefully, we’ll get answers soon. We’ve heard that they’ve been fighting over his management and over his relationship with One Direction, but nothing has been confirmed.