Naughty Boy has (kind of) taken a short break from dissing Louis Tomlinson, and now he's going after one of his friends! The producer fired back at Jimmy Bullard after the soccer player joked with his One Direction bestie about Naughty Boy's appearance on Celebrity Juice.

In response, the producer told Jimmy to "stop chatting [crap]" and said that the soccer player was only on the show because someone else couldn't make it. And then he said that Jimmy smells too!


While Louis and his friend haven't responded yet, we can't believe how fast this beef is escalating. Even though it seems like Jimmy was trying to antagonize him, it doesn't make Naughty Boy look any better by responding.

We have to wonder how the rest of the 1D guys feel about this, especially because it seems like the soccer player is a friend of the band. He even took a selfie with Niall Horan a week ago!

Do you think Naughty Boy was out of line attacking Louis' friend? Tell us in the comments!