Justin Bieber was not happy that his friend Kendall Jenner got denied entrance to a party atCoachella 2015! According to E! Online, the singer got super-offended when she wasn’t allowed inside the event.

They both tried to attend the Neon Carnival Party, which is for attendees 21 years and over, but the model is only 19 years old. Security refused to let her inside once they saw that she was underage, and the “Boyfriend” singer allegedly threw a fit when he heard the news.

Like the end of his physical altercation at Coachella, his entourage just left the scene rather than try to force their way inside. But still, if this is true, it doesn’t sound like he’s keeping out of trouble! At least he stayed with his friend.

Even if they don’t got back to the music festival again this weekend, it seems like Justin and Kendall are still hanging out together. He posted a photo of her cuddling with his dog on his plane.


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