Directioners’ hearts totally shattered when Zayn Malik left One Direction, but a new report claims that the whole band is splitting up! According to InTouch, the 1D guys are planning on calling it quits this year because they’re still reeling from their former bandmate’s departure.

“Their bond has been torn to shreds. It was unsettling [when Zayn left the group]. They feared being left behind while Zayn got a head start on his solo career,” their source said.

The report alleges that Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson have started working on their own projects and that Harry Styles is eager to begin his acting career. Apparently, Simon Cowell is trying to convince them to stay together through the end of the year, but he’s not having much luck.

“[Simon’s] meeting with the boys before they resume their U.K. tour. He’ll advise them to at least see out the year together, but it’s unlikely. A split statement is coming. There is a lot jealousy and tension.”

We hope this isn’t true! The guys seem like they really do enjoy touring together.

Plus, they’re hard at work on their fifth album. We don’t think they would break up the band while they’re working on new music!

Do you think that One Direction is going to break up? What do you think about the reports that there’s tension in the group? Tell us in the comments!