WWE Tough Enough’s Alex On What’s Next For Him, His “Knowledge” Comment On This Week’s Show, More

Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com recently spoke with Alex Frekey, who was eliminated from WWE Tough Enough this week. Below are highlights:

SN: What do you think is the biggest thing that hurt you on the show?

AF: I think there was two things. One being my lack of, I don’t want to say lack of, but my cardio wasn’t up to speed. Me being a bodybuilder, I don’t run a lot. A few weeks before I came to the show I trie dot train for it and got as much endurance as possible. Secondly would have to be my choice of words were misconstrued or maybe I didn’t explain myself good enough. Probably those two things.

SN: There was quite the reaction on social media when you made the comment that ‘knowledge means nothing’.

AF: (laughs) Yeah. Unfortunately, it was cut out — my explanation to Patrick. I meant to say that Michael Jordan didn’t need to know the history of the NBA to shoot a jump shot. That’s what I meant. You don’t have to know the history of something to be good at it. When I was a kid, I didn’t really know about a lot of players in the NBA. I just knew the best ones but I did know how to train and how to prepare the right way because I was good at basketball and other sports but my knowledge of those sports was kind of lacking. It didn’t make me a bad player if that makes any sense.

SN: Do you think that hurt you more when it came to the audience or the judges? Hulk Hogan really seemed offended by that.

AF: Yeah, it definitely did hurt me because I said that. I’m not saying that I have a lack of passion for the WWE. I love the WWE. It’s a fantastic business. But I guess taking it from Hulk Hogan, who is the history of this business, it would come off as something disrespectful and I meant no disrespect.

SN: What’s next for you? Are you going to try to get your job back or go back into that line of work?

AF: I have some options. I will probably get back into the industry I’ve been working in which wouldn’t be difficult for me to do but I would really love to make a career in the WWE. I really fell in love with it being around the Performance Center, feeling the energy and the camaraderie. I love athletics so it was like me being back in college basketball. The competition aspect, striving to be the best and entertaining people. I really fell in love with it.