The show tonight comes from the Arnold Sports Classic in Columbus, Ohio, and we start with the entrance of Kalisto, who wrestles without fellow Lucha Dragon Sin Cara tonight, and is set to take on Tyler Breeze.

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze attempts to lock in a submission hold on Kalisto’s arm but receives a stiff arm drag. The pair tie up, with Breeze gaining control via a headlock, and hits a crossbody off the ropes. The pair exchange leapfrogs running off the ropes, before Kalisto impressively walks on his hands towards Breeze to hit a headscissors, followed by an acrobatic springboard armdrag off the ropes, forcing Breeze to retreat to the outside. Back in the ring Kalisto hits a stiff kick, but as he attempts a springboard from the apron off the ropes, Breeze hits a brutal dropkick for a near fall. The fans chant ‘Breeze is gorgeous’ as Prince Pretty stomps Kalisto in the corner, before a leg drop gains him another near fall, and he locks in a sleeper hold as we head to a break.

We return from break to see Kalisto counter Breeze with another acrobatic springboard off the ropes, hitting a spinning crossbody, before a Listo kick and a spiking hurricanrana give him a near fall of his own. He attempts an SDS but Breeze counters with a supermodel kick which almost gets him the win. Breeze viciously stomps Kalisto in the corner again, but Kalisto counters with an up-kick and a dropkick, before an enseguiri and an amazing 450 splash force Breeze to grab the bottom rope to stay in the contest. Kalisto again attempts the SDS, but Breeze is able to counter with the Beauty Shot from nowhere for the victory.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

After the match, we see a video package hyping next week’s NXT Championship clash between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, which also shows the tension between Owens and Alex Riley, which is tonight’s main event. This is followed by Alexa Bliss declaring that she will show Sasha Banks what she is made of tonight, before a video showing NXT’s involvement in the Arnold Sports Classic, including HHH’s induction into the International Sports Hall of Fame.

We return to a backstage conversation between Finn Balor and Alex Riley, in which Riley declares he will humiliate Kevin Owens tonight. Balor warns Riley not to overlook Kevin Owens, or for Riley there will be no tomorrow.

Colin Cassady vs. Wesley Blake

We return from another video package concerning NXT’s recent touring live events to the tag team champions heading down to the ring for Blake’s singles contest with Big Cass, who is himself accompanied by Enzo Amore and Carmella. Blake attempts to target Big Cass’ arm, but the 7 footer is able to overpower Blake and push him across the ring, and hits a big knee to the gut off the ropes. Cassady hits some huge shots with Blake against the turn buckle, then throws Blake across the ring before hitting a huge backdrop. The NXT fans chant ‘how you doin’ as Blake is able to counter, attacking the leg of the big man to get him down, before delivering some kicks and a springboard elbow off the ropes for a near fall. Blake retains control with a headlock, but Cass powers out with a big back suplex, who then delivers some huge shoulder tackles, and a big splash in the corner, followed by a big sidewalk slam. However, a distraction from Murphy and Carmella on the apron allows Blake to roll up Cass for for a three count, with Carmella being knocked off the apron and appearing injured in the process

Winner: Wesley Blake

We go to a break hyping the impending debut of Dana Brooke on NXT, before Alexa Bliss’ music hits

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Non-title match)

The Boss is second to the ring, and as the bell hits Bliss slams Banks’ face to the ground, but a drop toehold reversal onto the corner turnbuckle give Sasha Banks control in the early stages. She stomps the back of Bliss’ head into the turnbuckle, before driving the double knees into the midsection in the corner for a near fall. Banks locks in a sleeper hold, which she transitions into a bridged hold over the knee, Bliss is able to fight out though, and hits a crossbody off of the ropes before sweeping the legs from under Banks, followed by a Bliss Flip for a near fall. Bliss continues in the ascendancy with a dropkick, forcing Banks to retreat to the outside, but Bliss follows with a Lou Thesz press off the apron. Banks counters however, with a drop toe hold to the apron, with Bliss is able to push Banks into the ring post, and gets a count out victory over the NXT Women’s Champion

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Kevin Owens hypes tonight’s main event, and next week’s title match against Balor, followed by Alexa Bliss arguing with Sasha Banks backstage, which is interrupted by William Regal, who announces a title match between the pair next week.

Alex Riley vs. Kevin Owens (Non-title match)

Riley is out to the ring first, followed by the NXT Champion. Riley tries to get at Owens before the bell, who merely laughs in Riley’s face, before the pair exchange shoves. The fans chant ‘Kill Owens, Kill’ as the pair tie up, Owens proceeds to deliver chops and forearms to the head and back, gaining control. Riley is able to fight out though, and hits a big dropkick off the ropes and a flying elbow in the corner. His momentum is short lived though, as a kick to the hamstring followed by a cannonball senton in the corner swing the tide back in Owens favour. He mocks Riley’s ‘rage’, and proceeds to hit a clothesline and a standing elbow drop before locking in a sleeper hold. Riley tries to fight back with a big forearm coming out of the corner, he then knocks Owens off the apron to the outside as he tries to regain his composure, Riley avoids another cannonball in the corner and hits a big spinebuster for a near fall.

Again however, Riley’s momentum doesn’t last long, as Owens counters and hits three running sentons, before picking Riley up and dumping him outside the ring. He twice tosses Riley into the guard fencing before rolling Riley into the ring and delivering a huge pop-up powerbomb for the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens looks to continue the assault on Riley, and sets up for a powerbomb on the apron, however Finn Balor’s music hits and the Number 1 contender emerges, warning the Champion to halt his assault, before the pair begin to brawl. Balor throws Owens into the steps and tosses him into the ring, delivering a dropkick into the corner and setting up for the Coup de Grace, but Owens is able to roll out of the ring and retreat to close out the show.