WWE NXT Results – February 25, 2015

* The show kicks off with Hideo Itami coming down the ramp to a huge crowd pop

Hideo Itami vs. Bull Dempsey

Dempsey follows Itami to the ring, starting our first match of the night, and Dempsey takes control of the contest, applying a crossface and then a shoulder tackle for a near fall. He hits a couple of standing elbow drops for a near fall as he maintains control, and as Itami attempts to fight back with some clotheslines that fail to knock Dempsey down, Dempsey hits back with a Thesz press to stay on top. Itami however, counters with a few of his trademark kicks, finally seizing control before hitting a hesitation dropkick in the corner, and then a flying dropkick off the ropes for the three count.

Winner: Hideo Itami

As he celebrates on the entrance ramp, Itami is attacked by Tyler Breeze, carrying his fuzz-covered selfie stick, and attempts to take a photo before Itami gets back to his feet, and a few kicks sends Breeze scurrying back to the locker room. It seems their rivalry leading into Takeover is unfinished.

The commentary team is Alex Riley, Tom Phillips and Corey Graves, who talk about the return of The Brian Kendrick, who faces Finn Balor in the main event, before showing a video package of Kendrick in his previous WWE run.

The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring, and are followed by Tye Dyllinger and Jason Jordan, however they are interrupted by Solomon Crowe taking over the screen and cutting a promo stating his intent to win the NXT title.

Lucha Dragons vs. Dillinger and Jordan

Jordan and Sin Cara start off, Kalisto receiving a quick tag and receiving some gut wrench slams from Jordan, giving him a near fall. Dillinger gets the tag, and mocks Sin Cara with a bow, before attempting a slam on Kalisto which is reversed as the Dragons seize control with some tag team manouevres. The Dragons exchange tags and remain in the ascendancy, dominating Dillinger as he and Jordan exchange some heated words, the tension allowing Kalisto to hit some acrobatic offence before Dillinger reverses. As he attempts to tag Jordan however, his tag partner deserts him, walking backstage allowing the Dragons to hit their respective finishers on Dillinger for the victory.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

We cut to an interview with Finn Balor backstage, in which he is asked about Kevin Owens but claims he is not looking past his match with The Brian Kendrick tonight.

We return from a Wrestlemania advert to Tye Dillinger still in the ring, demanding an explanation from Jordan for his actions, claiming he will fight anyone who tries to make him leave the ring, and Baron Corbin’s music hits.

Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin hits a few punches, before an End of Days gives him a victory inside 15 seconds.

We go backstage to Charlotte talking about her upcoming title rematch next week against Sasha Banks, followed by Breeze telling Itami he will crush him like the cockroach he is. Bayley vs Becky Lynch is up next.

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

Bayley hits the ring first, followed by Lynch. The pair exchange strong shoulder tackles, before Lynch takes control with an impressive pumphandle german suplex, followed by some leg drops, for a near fall. Bayley counters however, and hits a dropkick over the apron, followed by some clotheslines in the ring. She hits a shoulder and some running elbows in the corner to maintain her momentum, before a spinning elbow from the top rope. Bayley attempts the Bayley to Belly, however Lynch counters it into an armbar, wrenching the arm backwards for a submission victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch.

Backstage Rhyno is asked why he returned, and he claims he came to NXT because he still has the same fire and intensity he has always had, that the young superstars have, and that he will Gore his way through them back to the top. Balor vs Kendrick is up next.

Finn Balor vs. The Brian Kendrick

Kevin Owens is joining the commentary team for this one as Kendrick enters first. Balor enters next, and the pair tie up as the match begins, exchanging some impressive mat wrestling, before an apparent injury to Kendrick makes Balor back off, making Owens question why he wouldnt capitalise, but Kendrick was playing possum and takes control with headlocks. His control is short lived though, as a dropkick from Balor off the ropes forces Kendrick to retreat to the outside. Owens and Riley argue, perhaps indicating tension between the pair, and Owens says he is going to leave commentary before he does something he regrets.

We return from an advert for next week’s rematch between Banks and Charlotte, with Balor hitting some brutal chops in the corner. Kendrick counters though, planting Balor with a DDT from the top rope though, and gains a close two count, before a big dropkick and a tiger suplex gain another near fall. An attempt at another suplex is dodged by Balor, who hits a huge clothesline, followed by his slingblade neckbreaker. He waits for Kendrick to get back to his feet before a dropkick into the turnbuckle then a Coup De Grace give Balor the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

Owens re-emerges from the back, stares down Balor, before approaching the commentary team and attacking Alex Riley, throwing his over the announce table. Balor taunts at Owens from the top rope as the commentators attend to Riley. Balor beckons Owens to the ring, however Owens simply shakes his head and returns to the back to close out the show