The show kicks off with a montage video of last week’s NXT Rival event

– William Regal addresses the camera, elaborating on Owens’ victory and saying that he cannot do whatever he wants in NXT, and that Regal makes the rules. He announces that tonight we will see Owens vs Neville tonight in a non-title match, and that a new era of NXT starts tonight.

– Kevin Owens’ music hits and he walks to the ring with his new NXT title draped over his shoulder, dividing chants between fans, he picks up a mic and waits as half of the fans chant for Owens while the others chant for Sami Zayn. He claims some have a problem with the methods he chose to win the title at NXT takeover, and claims those people have no right to as he hasn’t pretended to be anything he isn’t. He said when he came to NXT that he would fight anyone to improve the lives of his family, and that is exactly what he did. Who he beat or how he beat them is irrelevant, and Sami Zayn is now the past. He now looks to the future, and the future is Finn Balor, and challenges him to pick a date for his title match, but that to prepare for the same fate as Zayn, as no-one will take the title from him or his family, as he holds the title aloft

– Our commentary team is Rich Brennan, Jason Albert and Corey Graves, and announce the match of Sasha Banks vs Blue Pants and recap the main event. Incredible fan reaction as RHYNO hits the ring!! The fans chant ‘h*** s***’ as the commentators convey surprise. Rhyno hits the ring and makes short work of a Elias Samson, before hitting a huge Gore and celebrating a quick victory. Fans chant ‘ECW’ as commentators speculate whether he is at NXT to revive and rebuild his career.

– The camera cuts to Finn Balor, who claims Owens has a high opinion of himself. Balor said he does too, and is cut off saying that he fights for the NXT title but Rhyno, who engages in an intense stare-down perhaps implying future matches between the two. We go to an advert for Cena vs Rusev at FastLane

– The Vaudevillains hit the ring, followed by Enzo Amore with Big Cass and Carmella, who after their usual entrance promo announce their intentions to challenge for the tag titles as we start a tag match. The Vaudevillains take early control, however a hot tag to Big Cass sees him deliver punish to both Gotch and English, before tagging Amore, who hits a splash, Cass a big boot and Amore pins for a quick victory. Murphy and Blake appear on-screen, claiming Amore and Cass are yet to show their credentials, and invite Carmella to join them rather than Cass and Amore.

– We cut to an interview backstage with Adrian Neville, he expresses his disappointment at losing his number 1 contender’s match last week, but that he is excited about going from hunted to hunter tonight with Kevin Owens, as he looks to avenge the previous meeting between the two. We then hear from Bayley and Lynch on their disappointment at not capturing the NXT Women’s title last week.

– After a commercial, CJ Parker hits the ring to some boos, and complains that he was not included on last week’s special, that he hates the fans, the brand, and he is taking the show hostage. He extends some police tape from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, as the big screen begins to glitch, and Solomon Crowe arrives in-ring to give a brutal beatdown to Parker, before grabbing a mic. He announces a ‘return to your regular programming’, and departs the ring. The commentators announce we will have an update on Sami Zayn’s condition later in the show.

– We return from a Wrestlemania commercial to see the new Women’s champ, Sasha Banks, hit the ring. Bluepants hits the ring to a big crowd pop, as Banks looks bemused to be even facing her. The fans chants are divided between Banks and Bluepants as Banks invites her to exit the ring, and receiving a big kick to the outside for her trouble. Bluepants ducks a clothesline before executing a drop toe hold for a near fall. Banks is able to counter and gain control before wrenching back Bluepants’ arms in a submission, Bluepants reverses for a quick near fall before Banks regains control. She covers Bluepants and pulls her head up before a 3 count before a backbreaker and a Bank Statement give her a submission victory. She is asked what her title win means to her, and she snatches the mic to announce that in means the other divas in NXT must accept she is the best.

– We see footage from last week showing Sami Zayn being helped to the back by doctors. Before NXT Doctor Chris Amann explains how it was necessary to stop the match, before Zayn was sent for tests that showed he was clear to head to Abu Dhabi with the WWE, and that he will return to competition soon. Our main event is up next.

– Adrian Neville is first down to the ring, and we are shown the outcome of their match 2 months ago, before Owens music hits and he walks down the aisle. Owens begins the match as we have seen previously by exiting the ring, though he is followed by Neville, who hits a hurricanrana off the ropes and a spinning kick to gain control, but it is short lived as Owens hits a gutbuster and a senton as he begins to wear Neville down with a series of kicks and stomps. He dominates and dictates the temple, hitting a near fall before inviting the fans to boo him. Neville attempts to gain some momentum before being flattened by a clothesline as Owens continues his control and locks in a headlock. Neville eventually fights back before being nonchalantly tossed over the top rope to the outside as we go to a commercial for FastLane.

– We return to Owens continuing to impose his will upon Neville, as the commentators call him malicious and disrespectful, a snapmare and a stiff kick give Owens a near fall. He returns to the headlock, but this time Neville fights out, reversing a gutbuster into a DDT. Owens is first to his feet however, and attempts to regain control before Neville hits some forearms and kicks, before a running kick to the head forces Owens to roll out of the ring, only for Neville to ascend the turnbuckle for a huge moonsault. Back in the ring, Neville hits some kicks to the chest and an insuigiri, before a springboard dropkick gives him a near fall, and Owens again retreats the the outside. Neville delivers a running dropkick on the apron, and breaks the count before delivering a mesmerising 450 splash from the ring apron to the outside! He returns Owens into the ring and gains a close two count, and hits a german suplex off the ropes. He somehow deadlifts Owens for a german suplex from his hands and knees in an incredible display of strength, but Owens hits a running elbow from nowhere, though a superkick from Neville and a reverse hurricanrana spike gain a near fall. Neville ascends the turnbuckle, before missing a Red Arrow, rolling through and receiving a Pop-Up Powerbomb for the victory! The New champion picks up an impressive win over a former champ in a fantastic battle.