– WWE officials are upset with Mick Foley announcing on social media after Tuesday’s WWE Tough Enough show that he is no longer watching the show, according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live

For those who missed it, here’s what the WWE Hall of Famer wrote:


With the elimination of Patrick, two weeks after the dismissal of Daria, I’m officially tapping out on ‪#‎ToughEnough‬. In order for a future season to seem relevant, WWE needed a guy who could step into a role on the main roster within a year’s time. Sure, there are some promising prospects left – but each one is a long-term project, and a roll of the dice. Patrick was the real deal and now he’s gone…along with this particular viewer.

– Fox Sports published an article containing ten “surprising revelations” from Daniel Bryan’s new autobiography. One of the revelations from the book included plans for Bryan to wrestle Charlie Sheen at SummerSlam back in 2012. Here’s what Bryan said on the matter:

“He was going through a very public breakdown at the time, and somehow WWE brokered a deal for him to perform against me. He taped a couple of videos for ‘Raw’ insulting me, and even though it was a goofy match to be in, it would’ve put me in one of the top matches at SummerSlam. Unfortunately, whoever brokered the Sheen deal never got him to sign any sort of contract to do the event, and in typical Charlie Sheen fashion, he bailed.”