– WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze (Madusa) went on Instagram and took shots at Nikki Bella as well as some of the other Divas last night. Blayze suggests that during Nikki’s RAW promo, she heard Blayze’s name being yelled from the crowd and and “threw her hand up” as if to hush the fan. Blayze goes on to say Paige is not AJ Lee in regards to her pipebomb promo and said most of the current WWE Divas are overrated. She also teased showing up with friend Natalya to get involved with the Divas Revolution. Blayze wrote:

“#Justmyopinion I believe at about half way through this promo, (which was a bad ass promo) the moment and #mood miss @thenikkibella was in, she heard my name being yelled from the audience on #wwe #mondaynightraw and threw up her hand, as I threw up in my mouth to just ignore the fact the forever existence of #AlundraBlayze IS the REAL REVOLUTIONARY That started this #revolution #willneverevergoaway Not to mention #pipebomb #you’renotAJ @realpaigewwe calling the @wwenxt championship “The” women’s championship….. Meh! Well let’s just call it like I see it…. Most of you are over rated! Half of you cannot wrestle, some just sound illiterate as soon as you open your pie hole, all so disrespectful . If I were you all I would be watching your back! You never know who @natbynature might show up with just to bitch slap a few across the face for a receipt! Oh and where in the hell is #teambad #tobusywithglowsticks and things that #glowinthedark as far as I am concerned @charlottewwe and @wwebeckylynch have it going on at the moment ! But what the hell do I know…… I am 50, past my time and have been reported as an ugly bitch! I have three words you can call me #Bossassbitch”