Our in-house astro expert Shradha Salla predicts the future of Ms Sharma and the cricketer’s relationship

Anushka Sharma recently put all rumours to rest by admitting that she is in love with cricketer Virat Kohli. The two lovebirds first met while shooting a shampoo commercial together. In the past, Anushka and Virat have dropped a lot of signs  that cleared what was brewing between them. Right from movie dates, to matches to international tours, it all hinted that the two are in love. Here’s what astro has in store for the PK actress and Mr Kohli…

# Anushka is ruled by number 1, the Sun’s energy and number 5 i.e Mercury. Due to this, she has a very practical approach towards situations, professionally and personally. On the other hand, Virat is ruled by number 5, Mercury again and by number 6 ruled by Venus, where the focus and dedication towards work is powerful but Venus tends to give him a wandering eye since attraction and passion are Venus’ best friends.

# The biggest issue the two will face is commitment, especially from Virat’s side. Currently both of them are ruled by Saturn, a karmic planet which does not favour the growth of relationships. Saturn puts one through a testing period, so a very committed, happy and a peaceful phase is not foreseen.

#However, if Virat and Anushka fight through the issues created by Saturn and Mars for the next two years, they will emerge victorious. Only their practical approach, balancing their relationship and committed love for each other can help them sail through this rough patch.

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