While its commendable that this Khan never fails to live up to his Mr Perfectionist image, there are times when I feel the Dhoom:3 baddie should just let things BE…

Aamir Khan recently celebrated his 50th birthday and though he told us during a media interaction that he is 22 at heart, I feel the actor is acting his age. Before I write further, let me tell you guys that I am an ardent Aamir Khan fan. I do believe the kind of cinema he does is brilliant. There is no denying the fact that he is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood today. In fact, he is the only one who gets cash registers jingling without extensively promoting his films. That’s Aamir Khan, the actor, and I love him. But then we also have Aamir Khan who has been voicing his opinion on everything – From AIB Roast to the kind of content kids are exposed to these days. Well, its good to be opinionated but more often or not people don’t like hearing opinions on each and every thing. So its time AK relaxed a bit and maybe concentrate on the following things…

Practice what you preach

At the annual FICCI Frames, the Dangal actor lashed out at the industry for not coming up with good content for kids. He said, “If you look at our children’s content, it’s almost negligible, and the little that I see is very scary. It scares me to see the kind of children’s content they are making.” Now here’s a good point made by Aamir but isn’t he a part of the industry as well? Doesn’t he make movies too? Oh I forgot, he gave us Taare Zameen Par but wasn’t that way back in 2007?  Mr Perfectionist, if you feel so strongly about kids content then why not make more films for them? In fact, if you do then the rest will follow suit but consistency is the key here and I am pretty sure Aamir you would agree on this at least. After all, how many times will a kid see the same film again and again.

Follow your wifey Kiran Rao

Okay, so if Aamir can’t make more films for kids or can’t do enough about the content they are forced to consumed then he should probably follow his wifey Kiran Rao’s footsteps. The Dhobi Ghat director went all out to support and promote Indie film Ship of Theseus because that’s the kind of cinema she believes in. If Aamir wants good films to be made for kids then he could just support and encourage filmmakers who are indeed trying to make films for kids. Animated films like Roadside Romeo and Delhi Safari have been made in India for kids and this is another space which Aamir could explore if he is so worried and if does, I know he will pull it off too. But he needs to ‘DO’.

No hypocrisy please

Remember Aamir produced a film called Delhi Belly four years back? Yes, it was an adult comedy which had filthy language and even a song tiled Bhaag DK Bose DK Bose. Now you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what these phrases of the song mean. So when you can incorporate such a song in your own film, and mind you, songs are played on every medium which even kids are exposed to, then why have a problem with AIB Roast? Also, your song falls in the scary content category which kids shouldn’t be exposed to.

Time to excuse the ‘Mr Perfectionist’ tag

Just a few days back, AK publicly apologised to Kamal Haasan for not standing by him during the whole Vishwaroopam controversy which happened in 2013. Haasan had a tough time releasing his film as many demanded a ban on the film. So at the annual FICCI Frames Aamir said, “I take this opportunity to apologize to you, Mr. Kamal Haasan, for not standing by you when your film was banned in 2013. I was lost in my work. But, I want to apologize to you that I wasn’t there at that time. I read about it later and felt so bad about it, that you had to go through all that. I think we all filmmakers should stand by each other in such cases and I should have supported you during those trying times.” First of all, the whole Vishwaroopam episode happened two years back, so why recall it now? And its okay if you couldn’t help Kamal Haasan, After all, you’re HUMAN and not Rajinikanth. Aamir you can’t be everywhere doing everything right. So it would be really good if you let the ‘Mr Perfectionist’ tag cut loose sometimes