…And you thought they required 100 crore movies to steal your hearts! Read more to relive the nostalgia…

Remember those lovely days when non-film pop albums used to give tough competition to film songs? When Altaf Raja used to rule TV channels with Tum Toh Tehre Pardesi? When Abbas and Preeti played with small teddy bears to those cheesy songs of Rajshri’s Yeh Hai Prem? WhenSalman entices Divya Khosla by doing a Magic Mike act?

With music piracy on the rampant, the demand for pop albums have gone down due to the high productions costs and low returns. So what we are left are some pleasing memorable songs and all those moments when you scream ‘Oh My God! He was in that song!’ when you look for it in YouTube.

So let’s go back to those songs, where our favourite actors appeared in music videos, either as a favour to the singer or because the song was their first break. For undisclosed reasons, we will be avoiding Adnan Sami songs here (that would require a separate list in itself!)

Salman Khan – Zid Na Karo

Salman was a huge star when he appeared in this song that only managed to do two things – reiterate his sex appeal as well as increase the already overflowing number of female fans! BTW, one of the girls who get mesmerised by Salman’s bare chiselled torso is the future wife of T-series honcho Bhushan Kumar and Yaariyan director, Divya Khosla Kumar. Now that’s what we call a career progress!!!

John Abraham – Mahek

Those were the days when John had a lean body, and had his tresses falling all over his face! And every girl swooned, when flashed that dimpled smile. Now that he has cut his tresses and grown bulky, still the girls swoon over his smile and more. While guys like me tried to focus on over Pankaj Udhas’ melodious voice to mask a growing insecurity!

Shahid Kapoor – Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra

Before the Haider actor went all brawny, he was just the boy-next-door. That’s why the guys could relate to his plight in this lovely ditty by Aryans, where he fawned all over Hrishita Bhatt only to get his heart-broken at the end. With the reversal in fortune with regards to Shahid‘s career, it is hard to imagine any girl would ignore him now…

Amitabh Bachchan – Kabhi Kabhi (remix version)

AB, for some reason, thought the iconic song from his movie with the same name needs a remix version. So he collaborated with Bally Sagoo to make this quite enigmatic video that had National award winner Shobana playing muse to Big B’s poet. Shobana and Amitabh Bachchan…hmm…that’s a pair we need to see in a movie soon…After all, Bollywood do owe the versatile actress something better, after having her play Paresh Rawal’s love interest in the cringe-worthy Mere Baap…Pehle Aap!

Shah Rukh Khan – Kya Khoya Kya Paya

Jagjit Singh’s soulful rendition of Atal Behari  Vajpayee’s lyrics is a must hear. For a change, SRK is not charming a girl here, as he tries to look brooding and sad in different set-pieces.

Jimmy Shergill – Woh Kaun Thi

Before he troubled Madhavan in Tanu Weds Manu and its upcoming sequel, Jimmy Shergill went all ga-ga over a cutie in this famous song by Jojo. and manages to charm us even with his lack of dancing ability!

Aamir Khan – Pyar Ka Jashn

Yup, even Mr Perfectionist has done an album song as well! He appears in this video in Fanaahairstyle with Sur actress Gauri Karnik. And like everything he does nowadays, that is everything except Dhoom 3, there is a touch of social issues as well!

Sanjay Dutt – Aapke Dil Mein

Sanjay Dutt appeared in this album song as a mark of respect towards the veteran singer, Asha Bhosle. And he even took on the dare to sing the duet with her! Bravo Sanju baba,

Arjun Rampal – Kinna Sohna Tenu

Arjun Rampal, before he learned to emote properly, featured in the video of the late maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s famous song. He looked so dashing, so suave…so expressionless!

Govinda – Gori Tere Naina

…and there is our Govinda trying to relive his heydays in the ’90s with this indie song! Unfortunately, his costume still reeks the same tackiness…

Are there any other songs that we missed? Do let us know…

BTW, ladies, don’t worry…we have a special article for you as well!