This news might just make Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dilwale heroes’ fans super angry!

We would do anything to see SalmanShah Rukh and Aamir Khan together in a film. But we had to be content with watching them on stage together only at the 21st anniversary of a show in a news channel. It was a grand event attended by who’s who from various walks of life and it became grander with the arrival of all the three Khans. Perhaps for the first time the three Khans took the stage to have some fun and make the audience go in splits. But such a thing can’t happen without some hi-profile backstage drama which includes Aamir’s refusal to take the stage!

Yes, you read right. According to a source who attended the gala, while Shah Rukh and Salman Khan had no qualms getting up on stage together, Aamir was reluctant when informed. He didn’t think he would be able to connect with their gig. Well, it seems Salman doesn’t like no for an answer. Even after Aamir made his apprehensions clear, Salman went ahead and invited him on stage in front of the whole audience. Can you say no then? Of course not! You don’t become a terrific superstar without dollops of wit and Salman proved it. In fact, later, Salman in his inimitable style along with Shah Rukh took jibes at Aamir. The latter was left red faced and the three finally laughed off the incident.

Well, Aamir, we loved to see you on stage along with Shah Rukh and Salman. Till the time you people come up with a film, we can watch that video on rewind. What say, people?