The actress has a penchant for bread pakodas but that’s not what she made for her fellow team members. So what was it? Read on to find out…
Yami Guatam recently planned a special dinner for her team. She cooked pasta and invited them over for dinner. Amid a conversation couple of weeks back Yami shared with her team on how back home she used cook pasta for her friends once in a while.

They all love her pasta and often ask for the recipe but Yami does not divulge the secret. Yami learnt making this pasta while experimenting once and it turned out really well… since then she has held on to her trial and error recipe. She planned the dinner for her team a week in advance and got the required ingredients. She made pasta with veggies and even invested time in the dressing before serving it. She also served garlic bread and their preferred drinks which she personally made a note of while inviting them over.

It was a casual evening and her team was absolutely touched with her gesture and thoughtfulness. They ate a scrumptious meal, heard music, discussed movies and shared their stories. It was a lovely evening for all of them. Yami Gautam confirmed the news and added, “I am glad the pasta turned out well. I was making it after quite some time. It was nice to have the team over.”