Ashley Tisdale recently opened up about the prospect of doing a High School Musical reunion movie, and said that she loves the idea of doing something for the film’s 25-year anniversary. Since the characters will be in their early 40s by that time and all grown up, we thought it’d be fun to predict each character’s life story.

Click through the gallery to see what we came up with, then let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you love to see a 25 year reunion?


Troy is an NBA basketball coach for the LA Lakers. He was an all-star player on the team for ten years.


Chris is the most sought after chef in NYC. He has a chain of restaurants and bakeries all over the world, and his most famous dish is his crème brûlée.


Sharpay was in a high profile relationship with a famous actor for five years, but they had a nasty breakup that was covered in every magazine. After that, she focused even harder on making her dreams come true and eventually won two Tony Awards for her performances on Broadway.


Zeke was the chef for Sharpay’s celebration after she won her first Tony Award. It was the first time they had seen each other since high school. After running into each other a few times after that, they decided to go on a date, and another date, and another…. Now, they’re married and have a three year daughter named Diamond.


Ryan and Kelsi started dating once they got to Juilliard. He proposed to her senior year of college and they got married and had twin girls a year later. Both girls, Darby and Gabby, are currently in college studying musical theater.

Ryan and Kelsi work together on Broadway. Kelsi is a composer and Ryan does choreography. They’ve worked with Sharpay a bunch of times.


Taylor and Chad are married and have a 14-year-old son named Jason. He’s best friends with Troy and Gabriella’s son Jack. vanessa-hudgens-monique-coleman zac-efron-corbin-blue

Chad played for the LA Lakers with Troy for a number of years before retiring. He’s currently an assistant coach for the team.