ABC Family has officially begun teasing us with the new Pretty Little Liars season 6 promo trailer! After watching the super scary teaser, it looks like Season 6 starts off where Season 5 left us – with the Liars stuck in “A’s” lair while he is just waiting to take his revenge.

Janell Parrish who plays Mona, told PEOPLE “The girls are going to be punished for their actions by A, and slowly we’ll start finding out more about what exactly happens to them, everyone is going to have some serious scars when they leave the dollhouse.”

Along side Janell, we are looking forward to getting our fill of Lucy HaleTroian BellisarioAshley BensonShay Mitchell, the rest of the PLL cast – and hopefully finding out who Charles DiLaurentis (aka “A”) really is!

Do you know who A is, or what is going to happen to the girls? Watch the official teaser trailer below and let us know in the comments!