Skylar Stecker released the music video for her single “Hey” and it definitely doesn’t disappoint! In the vid, Skylar struggles to get her crush’s attention until she finally musters the courage to just say “hey!”

Her single is one of seven songs off her EP Firecracker, and when we spoke with her at the beginning of the year she said that finalizing her songs was hard because she’s such a “perfectionist.”

“I’m a perfectionist. So I’ll have to go back a million times like, ‘Change this! Change this!’ And my mom will be like, ‘Are you sure? I think it’s set. It sounds okay.’ And I’m like, ‘No, everything has to be perfect!’ A lot of times it’s annoying to other people, but in the end it turns out great. It takes a lot of time, because you have to focus and go through it as if you weren’t a listener,” she said.

And that perfectionism totally paid off! “Hey” is amazing and her other songs are equally as fabulous!

Check out her new video below and let us know what you think in the comments.