Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Chair Shot Reality! In our opening segment of the weekend, Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg discuss a variety of the week’s top headlines. Quick topics include the newest Hall of Fame inductee, Jon Stewart’s performance on Raw, Rey Mysterio’s departure, and even Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Show…albeit for comical reasons.

Later, LaBar and Isenberg engage in a serious conversation regarding the recent allegations against NXT head trainer, Bill DeMott. Although DeMott found himself under intense fire, he did have people in his corner as well, which intensified the debate. You don’t want to miss the CSR Originals address the scathing allegations and, if proven true, what steps should be taken by WWE.

LaBar and Isenberg finish by giving their take on the what crowd reaction Roman Reigns should expect at WrestleMania. Although Reigns’ audience is growing, there is also a growing concern over how the “smart fans” will react in Levi’s Stadium. Then again, how will those same fans react to Brock Lesnar if he is set to leave WWE? Remember WrestleMania XX, anyone?

From celebrities to scandals, to inductions and celebrations, LaBar and Isenberg “Blayze” through them all in our opening segment of Chair Shot Reality!

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