The first of two big WrestleMania weekend videos from the studios.

Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg start out with reminding everyone CSR still has WrestleMania tickets and tickets to events all weekend long in San Jose.

The conversation then switches to Brock Lesnar announcing he has a new contract with WWE. LaBar explains how Lesnar and WWE swerved ESPN. Brian Gulish then joins the conversation to debate how likely it is Brock Lesnar walks out as WWE Champion. While two of the guys choose Lesnar for the win, one feels Reigns still has more a chance than some might consider.

What is John Cena’s future hold? The possibility of him as United States Champion is discussed.

Finally, who walks out of the 7-man ladder match for the Intercontinental title? Several scenarios are presented in what would work best for the IC title and the fans. for tickets INCLUDING a loaded post-WrestleMania dinner buffet with CSR and Vince Russo.