– Welcome to Crimaz debut episode of Chair Shot Reality! In our opening segment of the weekend, Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg give their predictions for this Sunday’s Fastlane undercard. Brian Gulish and Samantha Daley later join in the conversation to discuss the highly anticipated confrontation between Sting and Triple H.

Although the spotlight is on the number one contender’s match, there’s also a lot of gold on the line at Fastlane. LaBar tackles the Intercontinental and Divas Championship matches, while Isenberg gives his take on the WWE Tag Team Championship match. Isenberg takes on the other gold themed match…the battle between the Rhodes brothers, Goldust and Stardust.

Later, Gulish and Daley join the panel to discuss the myriad of possibilities for the huge Sting and Triple H showdown. The cast agrees Sting should, and will, deliver a solid promo Sunday night. Other factors are debated, however. Does the rest of The Authority play into the showdown, or will Sting get the upper hand once again?

Sunday marks the first Fastlane event in WWE history, and Sting’s first advertised appearance in WWE history. Will more history be made?! Be sure to tune in and buckle your seat belts for a wild ride. We’re officially in the Fastlane to WrestleMania!

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