Louis Tomlinson may be mum about the baby news, but Union J’s JJ Hamblett offers his full support. The X Factor star, who is also a dad, says that the One Direction singer may have to get used to changing diapers — but he’ll pick up quick.

“He’s going to make a great dad. He’s literally going to have a little mini-me running around, good luck to him. I wish him all the best,” JJ told the Daily Star.

“He will get used to changing nappies, it’s not the best thing in the world, but you get used to it.”

We’re confident that Tommo will be able to be the perfect father! Even though it’s currently a little hard to imagine the 1D guy changing diapers, he does have a lot of younger siblings, so he may already know how to do it. And since JJ has been able to juggle parenthood with his band, we know that Louis will be able to make it work too.