Tyson Kidd recently spoke with The Ottawa Sun to promote Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Ottawa. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Making it to WWE:

“It’s so bizarre, I can’t tell you why, but in my mind I never had a backup plan. I always knew I would make it to WWE. Maybe that was the mindset I needed to get here. I don’t know who the 15-year-old was that thought this could happen. But I know the 35-year-old is happy that it did.”

His tag team with Cesaro:

“I’m not comparing ourselves to them, but rewind the clock to the New Age Outlaws. It was Rockabilly (later, Bad Ass Billy Gunn) vs. the Real Double J (later, Road Dogg Jesse James) and the next thing you know everything clicks. We had a triple threat match with Dolph Ziggler. Go back and watch that match and you’ll see that foreshadowing and the chemistry developing.”

Getting help from Dusty Rhodes:

“He’s been a huge influence. He helped me find my voice and he’d critique my body language. He has a very special eye. It’s a lot of little things together. The speaking part was obviously a huge part, but it was all the little things.”