Hulk Hogan appeared in court today and blamed The Nation Enquirer and RadarOnline for ruining his career. Hogan’s lawyer told the judge, “His career is done, he’s been fired from WWE.”

Hogan’s attorneys told the judge that “We want the chance to prove they (Gawker) were directly involved in this,” accusing Gawker of “ruining my client’s career and potentially ruining his right to a fair trial.” Additionally, Hogan’s lawyers want a forensic investigation of Gawker’s computers.

Gawker’s attorneys explained that “There are, your honor, a long list of people who knew about Mr. Bollea’s use of racist language long before Gawker learned about it.” They claimed that a transcript has been floating around since 2012. “It cannot be seriously maintained that if this leaked to the Nat. Enquirer, that it came from us,” as too many people had access to it. Hogan’s lawyers didn’t buy it.

While Judge Pamela Campbell didn’t rule on anything today, she set the new trial date for March 7th, 2016.