Three Potential Targets Of Bray Wyatt’s Recent Promos


A WrestleMania match with the Undertaker, or any part-time wrestler for that matter, has both their pros and cons. On one hand, a superstar gets a chance to work with a legend. Although the outcome usually ends in defeat, said superstar gets the “rub” from the match. On the other hand, the legend isn’t on Raw the night after WrestleMania, and the superstar must start over. Like CM Punk and others in years past, Bray Wyatt lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 and was left without any plans for the foreseeable future. However, for the past three weeks on WWE television, Wyatt has again sent out cryptic promo after cryptic promo, while officially deeming himself “The New Face of Fear.” Each promo has had common themes: dedication, drive for success, and a fear for failure. While these promos could be directed to anyone on the roster, lets take a look at three potential targets that Wyatt could be speaking to.


Dolph Ziggler

In today’s world of the WWE, the company loves to blend the line of imitation and reality. Ziggler is not only seen as the workhorse of the brand, but he also makes sure everyone knows it. Whether it is on television or on twitter, Ziggler is proclaiming that no one can out work him inside the squared circle. As it stands, Ziggler is (seriously) having a “Kiss Me Arse” match against Sheamus at Extreme Rules. This seems like more of a “one and done” feud, with putting Sheamus’s new monster persona over as the main objective. This would leave Ziggler needing a summer feud, and a Ziggler/Wyatt program would be must-see TV. Sign me up for a three-months of matches between these two any day of the week.



When Ryback made his return in late October, it seemed that fans had officially warmed up to “The Big Guy” and wanted to see him succeed. What helped him even more was that the creative team gave him a chance to be himself. Each week, Ryback had the chance to speak to the fans and show a different side of him. He talked about his failures in the past with the WWE, injuries that sidelined him and a personal journey that brought him to where he is today. With him currently not having a program for Extreme Rules, a feud with Wyatt will not only give him a high profile program, but would also give him longer matches which could help get fans behind him even more. This would surely be an intriguing matchup.


Roman Reigns

When The Shield and The Wyatt Family had an impressive stretch of six-man tag team matches, it was always Reigns and Wyatt going at it with one another. Ever since these teams were disbanded, both men went their separate ways and haven’t really interacted since. However, with Reigns well-documented dedication coupled with his recent WrestleMania failure, the creative team could look to Wyatt to bring out the best in the Royal Rumble Winner. A feud between the two would be the first of many, but with both of them currently in a state of flux, it would help them tremendously. It doesn’t have to be for a title, nor should it; Reigns and Wyatt could provide some of the best matches on the card if given the chance.

While Wyatt’s promos are cryptic, it is clear that he is targeting someone fans could see as one of their favorites. Each theme stated above- dedication, drive for success, and a fear for failure-could all be based around Ziggler, Ryback or Reigns. While it is far from a guarantee that Wyatt’s opponent is stated above, I believe any of the three feuds would be great for the wrestlers involved.

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