Taylor Swift has definitely been hanging out with Calvin Harris a lot lately, and it turns out thatHAIM may have played a part in their introduction. While appearing on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the band says that they’ve known the DJ for a few years.

“We’ve known Calvin for a while. He put out a record in like 2008 or 2009 like back in the day, and I used to go to all of his shows and I was a big fan. We just kind of linked up. I think he knows how much of a fan I am,” Este Haim said.

But they insist that they have no clue if he’s dating their bestie.

“I don’t even know, but I do know I love them both,” she said.

Well, considering Taylor and Calvin were caught holding hands after a HAIM concert, the girl group definitely had a part in getting these two together — whether it was intentional or not.

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