The series is based on Wes Craven’s much popular film franchise.

In Hollywood, the ’80s were the golden age of horror movies, with so many great horror gems like the Evil Dead series, The ShiningThe Alien franchise, The Thing, Nightmare at Elm Street andFriday the 13th series, The Gremlins and many more such wonderful horror stuff. However, the genre got into a rut when the ’90s dawned. It was during this time that the horror legend Wes Craven decided to give the boring genre a new lease of life with what we now call the Scream franchise.

The serial killer franchise was about a Ghostface-mask wearing serial killer tormenting the teen of the sleepy town called Lakewood. The best part about the movies was that they paid respect to the genre of horror by letting the killers and the victims play by the rules of horror films, while referring to several horror gems. Now the film will have a TV series of its own, which will follow the same plot as that of the films. However, with the change in the horror conventions in the present era, the series is more likely to stick to today’s horror tropes.

The Scream series will premiere on MTV by the end of this month.

Watch the trailer below.