I was reading a few days ago that Triple H has been pushing to make the IC title and US title mean something again. It would be predicated on the fact that Brock Lesnar would be resigning with the WWE and he wins at WrestleMania, and keeps a part time schedule while being the champion. Let’s just pretend all of the above is true. What a fantastic idea.

I am a self-admitted old school fan, which usually isn’t the case for someone who is 32 who grew up during the attitude era. I am though, I love when wrestling is treated like an actual sport, yea we all know it is a show, but it’s ok to pretend it is still a sport. Back during the territory days it was treated like a legitimate sport. Yes there was stories and everything, but generally they were revolved around the hunt for the title with some crazy personal issues sprinkled in there. The over the top story lines were not the meat and potatoes but more like the side dish. If you lived in a certain region and your local territory was under the NWA umbrella, it was a big event when the NWA champion (usually a heel) would come to town and challenge the local hero. The local territory would fill time in between visits from the NWA champion with stories and matches around the local champion, usually a US or regional title. Even in the early WWE days in the 80s the IC champion toured and headlined their own shows.

I think it would awesome to see the IC and US titles treated like big time like the old days, and I agree the only way to do that is put them on big stars. Cena and Bryan carrying those titles would bring the spot light back to forgotten belts. I do not think it would happen overnight, but if you let those two run with those belts, have great matches, have people come after them and stress the history and importance of the titles, slowly but surely the belts would regain their lost luster. If you do not remember how important those titles were, check out some stuff from WCW and WWE in the 70s 80s and early 90s. I remember seeing the next big stars carrying these belts and you know they were next in line for a world title shot. Starting with Cena and Bryan with those titles would make the guys coming up the ladder challenging them mean a lot more because they would be trying to achieve a goal instead of trading wins and loses with each other every Monday, which does nothing but render people average and meaningless. The best part is when those wrestlers are ready, instead of being forced, the perfect man holds the premiere title in WWE waiting for a challenge. Brock Lesnar is the closest thing to an old school champion there is. He isn’t over exposed so when he does show up you know it’s big time. Having guys make their way to the top feuding over the IC and US titles, and over coming two top guys might be a better way to get people over than the way it is currently done. I think people like when something is earned, and even if the spotted is earned by getting better, traveling, being a team player.. I still think people like when the spotted is earned in the ring over a period of time. Watching someone come up, go through struggle, overcome odds, and put on great matches and stories is how I think people get over and stay over. I understand that guys pay dues all the time when no one is around, such as training, studying, working on moves and so on, but I can’t see that.. I need to see your struggle and go on a journey with you. Having guys come up through the ranks to get the domestic titles and having them mean something will set the stage for can’t miss TV when the time comes to go against the monster that is the World Champion.

If the reports have some truth to it, I am happy that Triple H is viewing those titles that way, I actually love that he comes from wrestling and not entertainment because he knows what true wrestling is and why it is has been around for a 100 years. Not saying Vince doesn’t know what he’s doing because he is the most successful wrestling promoter of all time, but sometimes you just need to get back to what got you to the dance. Hopefully this comes to fruition.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.