Taylor Swift sat down with Extra correspondent Alecia Davis to talk about her upcoming 1989 world tour and the exciting things we can expect.

In a very down-to-earth interview, T-Swift talks about how excited she is for her new tour and what she has been doing to ask some very exciting favors from some of her very famous celeb BFFs – including the girls from HAIM and Shawn Mendes just to name a few!

“I’ve started picking up the phone, I started sending out the emails, and the interesting thing is when you’re asking people to come and play for free, that’s something you have to ask them yourself, you can’t have your management go do it… So I end up assuming the role of booking agent essentially when I’m on tour and just being like so, can we check her schedule, the routing, and she may be able to make it to in between that date and that date… ‘Hey its Taylor, will you please come out, it’s going to be a stadium show, it’s going to be incredible, the crowd will love it.”

Of course she returns the favor when someone calls on her, she is more than happy to show up and sing her heart out for the fans. She is just so sweet, especially when it comes to talking about why she does what she does.

Swift says, “I just focus really hard on constantly reminding myself of what is important, what is actually difficult, my jobs not that difficult, I think we get really swept up in thinking that because we have a lot of pressure on us our job is hard or that in some way it’s not the greatest thing that can ever happen to you getting to do this job because it is.”

How can you not love her? With more than 50 international tour dates in just 6 months, it’s a wonder how she does it! But it is obvious that she loves every second, and so do we!

We are wondering if there will be any guest appearances on this tour… Who do you want to see? Are you excited? Tell us in the comments below!