When Taylor Swift's not busy changing the music industry or throwing epic baby showers, she's making her fans the happiest people in the world! The singer recently helped a married couple announce their pregnancy and the way they did it was so cute!

Jesse Rasmussen and his wife Lindsey Rasmussen went to one of Taylor's 1989 World Tour concerts and asked the singer to take a picture with them to announce their first baby together.

And that's not even the cutest part! After snapping the pic with Jesse and Lindsey, the pop star went out of her way to congratulate the couple, sending them the most precious card.

She wrote them a cute message saying, "It was so great to see you the other night before the show! I'm so excited for your new impending arrival and so honored to be his/her first concert!! Sending you a huge hug from the road!"

Um, how cute is that?! It's amazing to see just how much Taylor loves and cares about her fans.

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