Taylor Swift just once again proved she will do anything for her fans! She recently donated $50,000 to a Swiftie named Naomi Oakes who is battling leukemia and couldn’t attend Taylor’s concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

Taylor found out about Naomi’s battle after her father posted a YouTube video explaining that Taylor’s song Bad Blood would be Naomi’s fight song! Aww! Of course, Taylor has been known to interact with her fans through social media and we absolutely love that she noticed Naomi’s brave heart.

Taylor not only donated the generous amount to help Naomi with her battle but she also left her the most encouraging message ever and our hearts are actually melting. Taylor wrote, “To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.”