– WWE Superstars and Divas discuss hidden talents in the latest episode of WWE Inbox:

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans which tag team should return in 2015 – The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, The Brothers of Destruction, DX, The APA, Jeri-Show, Too Cool, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The Steiner Brothers, Rob Van Dam and Sabu, Paul London and Brian Kendrick or “other.” With over 21,000 votes, The Dudleys are leading with 32%. The Hardys are next with 31% while Kane and The Undertaker have 10% and DX has 7%.

– It appears WWE will be releasing a three-disc DVD set on The Kliq this summer. Amazon currently has a listing for a “WWE: The Kliq Rules” DVD that is scheduled to come out on July 28th.

The description reads like this:

“In this WWE Network “Reunion” special, all five notorious Kliq members (Triple H, HBK, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-Pac) reunite! Plus, get an exclusive documentary on the history of the Kliq, including “The Curtain Call”.”