Sunny Leone blamed for Kings XI Punjab’s defeat against Mumbai Indians?

The actress was there to live witness the IPL match at Mohali, this afternoon

So the “Cricket buffs” have done it yet again. Not too long ago, Anushka Sharma was ridiculed for India’s defeat in the World Cup semi finals. And the latest target to receive a similar flak is none other than Sunny Leone. Yes, that’s right! The former pornstar, who was recently there to cheer for Preity Zinta’s team Kings XI Punjab, is being blamed for Punjab’s defeat against Mumbai Indians. While Sunny’s presence was more on towards a promotional outing for her upcoming film Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, Twitteratis have used her as an easy prey in this blame game. Jokes and criticisms on her porn background have started doing the rounds. In fact, check this out. A popular stand-up comedian tweets his dismay on Punjab’s defeat saying, “Kings 11 Punjab should have invited Sunny Leone for a Night game ! That’s when her wishes are most productive ! Well bowled MI !” Another one goes on to tweet, “Manforce and sunny leone killing combination kills King XI Punjab Today :P ”

Well, all these references are indeed quite funny and can be passed in the jest of it. But are we trying to say women are at the blaming end for every loss, failure, defeat? Think about it and stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more updates!

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