The Jolly LLB director is coming back with another directorial after a long gap…

For all those who have loved national film award winning director Subhash Kapoor’s next film Guddu Rangeela‘s trailer, they have unanimously praised the quirky song titled Mata ka emailthat has been used in the trailer. Not many know that Subhash has himself written and composed this song that has also been used in the film. Thus, the ace director makes his debut as a lyricist and composer with the action comedy that uses the sensitive topic of khap panchayat as the backdrop in Guddu Rangeela.

Subhash reveals, “Growing up in Delhi I have heard all kinds of interesting mata songs, my childhood memories gave birth to Mata ka email. I wrote and composed it because it gels brilliantly with the characters of Guddu Rangeela. I wanted a very raw and desi feel to it so traveled to Rohtak in Haryana and auditioned local folk singers and picked up a local ragini singer Gajender Phogat to sing it. I am very happy the kind of response Mata ka email is getting. It communicates the space and milieu of Guddu Rangeela.”

We too were pretty impressed with the song and with the song slowly climbing up the music charts, we are sure this gamble of Subhash has payed off. What say peeps?