In the weeks following Zayn Malik‘s decision to leave One Direction, the band appeared to be going pretty strong, but recently their facade has cracked. Liam Payne nearly got reduced to tearsover their former bandmate’s empty spot on stage and Niall Horan opened up about missing his bestie, making it pretty obvious that the guys still aren’t over it.

In fact, Simon Cowell revealed that he doesn’t think they’ll ever get over the Bradford Bad Boy’s decision. Cue our tears!

“Well, I don’t think they’ll ever be over it completely because they started off as a five piece, so they’re always going to miss him. But it happens. You’ve got to dig deep and you rely on each other. In a weird way they kind of got stronger through it,” he said on Extra.

While we’re glad that it’s served as a bonding experience for them, we’re still totally torn up about the fact that they’re missing Zayn. It’s just not the same, but they’re making the best of a sad


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