Bollywoodlife caught up with Shruti Haasan for a quick chat on her latest film Gabbar Is Back. Read on to find out what the light eyed beauty had to say about her upcoming release

I waited in her vanity van, all psyched to speak with one of the most happening actress in town. As my video team were setting up for the shoot, I rehearsed time and again as to how I will greet her when she walks in that door. I was very aware of my rising nervousness, as over excitement often leads me to becoming nervous.

And then she walked in with a wide smile and confident gait, dressed in an elegant attire which my fashion impaired mind can’t even begin to describe. And as she said hello, I gathered my composure and introduced myself to none other than Shruti Haasan.  After attaining tremendous popularity down South. Shruti Haasan seems to be the next big thing in Bollywood. Known for her vivacious face, hourglass figure and oodles of acting and singing talent, Shruti Haasan has got it all to shine brightly in B-town.

The leggy lass is eagerly awaiting for the release of one of the biggest films of this year, Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back. While the film is all set to hit the screens tomorrow, we managed to engage Shruti in a quick fire round of questions, where she explained why Gabbar Is Back should not be missed.

Why is Gabbar Is Back a must watch?  

I think you should watch Gabbar because it is an entertaining film. But it’s an entertaining film with a message. And everyone has worked really hard in the film. Akshay sir is outstanding in the film. So, there are number of reasons but the basic reason is it is an entertaining film with a message which the whole family can enjoy.

The music of the film is doing great. Which is your favourite track from Gabbar Is Back?

My favourite track in the film is actually the title song, Warna Gabbar Aajayega, because I think it is super groovy. Having said that I think all the songs have something really good in them, like the Honey Singh song is so catchy. And the other two songs are so melodious and wonderful by Chiranthan. So I think the whole album is so comprehensive in its sound.

Who is your favourite Bollywood baddie?

Obviously Gabbar (Amjad Khan). But my personal favourite is Mogambo (Amrish Puri) from Mr India.

With just a day to go we, like any other fans are excited to catch Gabbar on big screen, hoping that Akshay and Shruti have come up with this year’s most kickass film.

Watch the video below: