The actress talks about her experience on recording songs with Farhan for Rock On 2. Looks like she had a blast!
Her dance flick behind her, Shraddha Kapoor has already moved on to her musical, Rock On 2, in which she plays a singer in a band. So what does she sing? “I sing all the songs. All the songs will be in the same genre. And it’s very different from what people have heard me sing,” she answers. She joins the Rock On 2 cast soon. “Come September, we start shooting in Mumbai and Shillong. We should be done by January next year. And the film should release sometime next year,” she reveals.

She’s quite kicked about already having recorded a duet for RO2. “Farhan and I jammed together two weeks ago. We sung one of our duets from the film. Oh my God, it was crazy good! It was so much fun singing the song with him. I love him because he’s so talented and I am happy to be paired opposite him in the film,” she concludes.