A friend close to the Haider actor informs that Shahid’s wedding ceremony won’t be attended by his exes…

While the guest list for Shahid Kapoor’s wedding is yet to be drawn up, the one glaring omission that we can safely comment on is Shahid’s former girlfriends.

For those hoping to see a gallery of gorgeous exes troop in to Shahid’s wedding, here’s news. He won’t be inviting any of his former girlfriends to the wedding .

A close friend of the star spoke on his behalf. “We were really surprised to read one of his very prominent former girlfriends talking about being invited to his wedding. Has she forgotten how she behaved with him? She went on an outdoor shooting with one of her co-stars, had what she thought was a secret fling with her co-star and came back to Mumbai to Shahid as if everything was normal. Shahid got to know about the ‘secret fling’ and refused to take her back. And now she wants to be invited to the wedding? What a cruel joke!”

The disgusted friend further adds, “None of Shahid’s ex-girlfriends are likely to be at the wedding. The truth is, he has been singularly unlucky in love. And he doesn’t want to be reminded of his ill-luck with love on the most special day of his life.”