Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana is a huge Zayn Malik fan!

That’s right! Just sometime ago when King Khan met the ex One irection band member and clicked a selfie, the picture went viral on social media. So, how did this happen? Here’s more on the now most favourited and retweeted pic on Twitter…


Shah Rukh Khan has always managed to win us over with his antics on and off screen. This is one hero who connects with the current generation beyond films. So, SRK bowled us over when he clicked a selfie with Zayn Malik at the Asian Awards this year. And we weren’t least bit surprised to see how this click got everybody talking. What we were happy to know was that how our King of romance unlike many of his contemporaries was clued and knew the ex 1D band member. However, Shah Rukh has his daughter to thank for this.


It seems that SRK’s darling daughter, Suhana is a huge fan of Zayn Malik. And despite being the mega star SRK didn’t mind walking up to the young talent to chat up with him. And thus thanks to Suhana we had the two stars in one frame.


A source at the venue told BollywoodLife, “Shah Rukh was so cool, on finding out that it was Zayn Malik who his daughter adores he greeted Zayn. The One D singer was surprised to see the superstar himself come up to him. He was very overwhelmed with SRK’s gesture.” Now that revelation only earned SRK some extra brownie points from us, not just for being the super coolest daddy, but also being such a humble star!


Interestingly half-Pakistani actor, Zayn is very much sought after in Bollywood. Last we heard on how he was offered a whopping Rs 5 crore for a song. That’s not it this hot looking Zayn had confessed on Twitter as to how he’d like to feature in Farah Khan’s directorial debut Main Hoon Na. The filmmaker wasted no time and put forth Main Hoon Na sequel offer, while Zayn’s response is yet to be seen, we’re sure fans would be happy to see him come to Bollywood.


As for Suhana, it would just be exciting to see that her favourite ZM seems to be her daddy’s fan. And what would be doubly thrilling is if Shah Rukh and Zayn Malik worked in a movie together, hai na?

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