With Fast Lane swiftly approaching just in a couple of days, every top name in the WWE is wrapped up in a feud of their own: Sting vs. Triple H, Reigns vs. Bryan, Ambrose vs. Barrett, Goldust vs. Stardust. Everyone, but Seth Rollins. It’s ironic that Rollins, who is meant to be the future, was just now thrown into a completely improvised 6-man tag, Teddy Long style.

Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback vs. Rollins, Kane & The Big Show is nothing more than a generic tag team match that would barely be worthy of closing down a below-average Smack Down, as we saw last night. There’s no real rivalry to back this up and the outcome of this fight we’ve seen plenty of times since Survivor Series. This last moment attempt to inconspicuously slide in 6 more men on the Fast Lane match card does absolutely no justice to Seth Rollins and his position in the WWE at the moment.

This is Mr. Money in the Bank we’re talking about! Rollins is supposed to be the new standard-bearer and the undisputed future of the WWE. Yet, he somehow ended up without a feud on the road to WresleMania. This can’t even be blamed on the Valentine’s Twitter scandal, since Rollins was bouncing in zero gravity from Sting, to Lesnar and back to Reigns, in unison with the Authority’s needs much earlier than that. However, looking at the way Rollins orchestrated the outcome of Smack Down to fit his needs had me thinking: Is this situation really bad for Rollins? What if he is not “nowhere”, but he’s in fact “everywhere”?

Seth Rollins has elevated to a unique position in the company. He needs no feud to be relevant because he’s inseparably connected to every major storyline in the WWE. Paul Heyman will be guest on Miz TV on the Fast Lane pre-show.  Who could easily walk in and start a verbal war with him?  Seth Rollins. His MITB briefcase allows him to do so. Sting will come face to face with Triple H. Who could come out and tip the scales in the Authority’s favor? Seth Rollins. After Survivor Series he has every right to do so. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan fight for a shot at the Wrestle Mania dream. Who could interfere and crush Roman Reigns’ hopes? Seth Rollins. The history between the two of them couldn’t have been a better set up for that. And oh, yes, Seth Rollins also has a match, representing the Authority in between all of that.

Which scenarios out of those above will happen, if any, is irrelevant. What’s important is that all of them are very real possibilities and hypothetically they could all play out in the same night. This comes to show that Seth Rollins has become the Holly Spirit, the life-force of the WWE. He’s the wild card that could change the entire game, regardless of who’s playing. He’s that one single entity that could make wars break out. As Rollins once said himself, he’s untouchable.

Mr. Money in the Bank has claimed this spot at the heart of the WWE as his own and he’s slowly but surely strengthening his position. His pride has grown so much that he’s become bold. When Rollins first turned heel, he used to run away from his enemies quite often. Who could forget Ambrose and Cena continuously chasing Rollins amongst the fans, week in and week out? But Rollins has grown up since that time. His confidence has turned into well-grounded audacity. He’s not just a new recruit for the Authority any more. He’s the pillar that keeps the Authority up. Rollins is the one, who orchestrates Kane, Big Show and J&J Security, not Triple H. Take Rollins out of the equation and the Authority’s empire will crumble.

With or without a serious rival at Fast Lane,  Seth Rollins has already laid out numerous paths for himself. He only needs to chose which one he’ll take on the road to WrestleMania.

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