Selena Gomez and her ex Zedd released “I Want You To Know” together earlier this year, and the song was a mega-hit!

The two were reportedly dating earlier this year, but after deciding recently that their careers and friendship were more important, they broke off their relationship. They remain friends, and with the information that Zedd gave in an interview with Billboard earlier this week we are so excited to hear that they have collaborated on more music together:


“‘I Want You To Know’ was the first one — we recorded a couple more songs that we haven’t finished yet.”


said Zedd. It sounds like they have been making some time to work together, and we cannot wait to hear what they have next in store for us! With the recent release of the music video for ‘I Want You To Know’, Selena and Zed have been super busy outside of their musical collaborations too.

Zedd’s album, ‘True Colors’ is set to release this coming Tuesday, and we are counting down the hours!



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