Naughty Boy has not halted his campaign to infuriate One Direction fans! Following his fight withLouis Tomlinson, the producer has been tweeting and retweeting shady comments towards Directioners.

While Tommo has stopped tweeting about the incident, Naughty Boy told fans to “block him” if they didn’t like what they were seeing, and then retweeted a sarcastic comments about the “tweenie” Directioners who are upset at him.



The producer also retweeted a fan account's screenshot of a poll, showing a majority of people supporting "Team Naughty Boy" in his fight against Louis.

While we understand that the producer is very defensive of his bestie Zayn Malik, we have no clue why he feels the need to start all of this drama. Picking a fight with a 1D member and then dissing the fandom that catapulted his BFF into fame? It's absolutely unnecessary.

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