As if their pizza date wasn’t adorable enough, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are having even more romantic moments in New York City! The couple held hands and went on a lunch date at The Spotted Pig with her bestie Ed Sheeran, before heading back to her loft to chill in her apartment.

“They acted very cute and cozy while eating. They were holding hands and really enjoying each other. You could tell they were very connected. They were friendly to everyone around them,” a restaurant source told E! Online.

Apparently, their personalities are super-compatible, and they’re making an extra-special effort to see each other, even though their lives are crazy.

“Taylor and Calvin are having such an amazing time getting to know each other these past few months and spending quality time together where ever they travel to. It’s really easy for them to connect on many levels even though they both have busy schedules. They have some differences but also similar in many ways,” another insider said.

Talvin is trying to keep their relationship under wraps as much as they can, but they’re not afraid to show some adorable PDA when they do go out.

“They are trying to be as private as they can but they are also not afraid or hiding their affection towards each other when they are together in public. They both love New York City and this trip together is really easy and comfortable for them. They both love to eat out and also stay in and just chill. Friends and family love seeing Taylor so happy and into Calvin. Calvin loves how connected Taylor is to her friends, family and fans.”

That’s so sweet! We’re happy that the 1989 star is so happy in her new relationship. And the fact that Ed approves? Even better.