The Vampire Diaries Season 6 came to a very sad, very shocking, and very confusing end on Thursday night. It was the last episode for Nina Dobrev’s character, Elena which was upsetting enough as it is. The creator of TVD seemed a bit sentimental on Twitter this week, which makes sense after saying goodbye to someone that you’ve worked with for nearly 7 years!

Nina has not appeared sad, but very reminiscent and thankful for the memories that they’ve all created through the past 6 seasons of filming one of our favorite shows! On their last day together, the cast “caked Nina” and there were plenty of pictures to go around! Of course some last, fun memories needed to be made to lighten the situation up a bit!


Of course we are going to miss Elena, but the season finale left us dying to know more! The destroyed future Mystic Falls cliffhanger, the deaths of some of our favorite characters, what is going to happen in Season 7!? In an interview with E! News, Executive Producer Caroline Dries commented:

“That’s the tease we’re leaving with you to mull over the summer: what the heck happened to Mystic Falls without Elena? It’s to be answered in the premiere, but the time jump is part of the narrative and story of episode 1. Why are there boarded-up windows? Why is there garbage everywhere? What the heck happened? Why is Damon standing on that clock tower looking so pissed off?”

We’re not sure if we can wait for Season 7 to answer all of these questions for us! What did you think of the season finale? Are you counting down the days to the premiere of Season 7? Tell us below!