The final verdict of the hit-and-run case will be out shortly

The day has finally come when the final verdict in 2002-hit-and-run case will be announced.  On the night on September 28, 2002, after spending an evening with friends at Rain Bar and JW Marriott, Salman Khan was heading back home in his white Toyota Land Cruiser when the accident took place. While it is still not known whether Salman or his driver was behind the wheels, the Land Cruiser crashed into American Express Bakery on Hill Road junction in Bandra, allegedly running over five footpath dwellers, killing one and seriously injuring four others. This fatal accident dragged the actor into a 13-year long court case.

Everyone in the film industry is quite anxious about the final verdict that will be announced shortly. Last night, Shah Rukh Khan visited Salman  to wish him well before the final hearing of the court case.