Roman Reigns appeared with Michelle Beadle on ESPN 2’s Sports Nation this afternoon to talk WrestleMania 31, his days playing football and more. Below are some highlights:

* Beadle brought up the RAW ending with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, saying there seemed to be some tug-of-war going on. Reigns said there was “a little bit, yea” and said he wanted to make a statement that he will walk right in and do what nobody else does – take the title right off Brock Lesnar’s shoulder and put it on his own. Reigns said that’s his goal on Sunday.

* Reigns said his cousin The Rock is right there at the top of the list of people, with his father, that have influenced his career. Beadle asked if Reigns wants to crush movies like The Rock has. Reigns replied that he just wants to crush Brock Lesnar and bring the belt back where it belongs.

* Beadle asked if Reigns is getting nervous about facing The Beast and Reigns said he gets nervous before every performance. He said he’s been training for this moment and is ready to roll.

* Reigns went over to do the punching bag gimmick and Lesnar’s music interrupted. Paul Heyman came out instead and shook Reigns’ head. Heyman introduced himself to a few boos from the studio audience. Heyman talked with Beadle before going to commercial. They came back and Heyman had joined the Sports Nation panel to talk sports.