Rockstar Spud Talks TNA Moving To Wednesdays


– TNA star Rockstar Spud recently spoke with Jason Powell on the podcast and talked about TNA returning to Wednesday nights, ROH moving to Destination America, working as a smaller guy his entire career, his world championship aspirations and more. You can listen to the full interview at this link. Below are some highlights.


TNA moving to Wednesday nights:


I think it’s a great move for us considering a lot of people go out on a Friday night. We had a great audience on Friday nights considering the night we were on, but Wednesday I think is going to become pro wrestling night in the United States of America it seems. I think it’s only ways up. I think we’re going to grow our audience,I think we’re going to grow the pro wrestling audience and it’s a fun time to be a fan in the industry.


Finding out ROH would be moving to Destination America and be the lead into Impact:


Shock at first, yes I’m not going to deny it but then when you take a step back and look at all the positives of it, it’s a case of their audience is going to come around to watch ours, our audience that knows when we’re on are going to watch theirs before, and you have three hours of wrestling. You’re going to see two different products and you’re going to see the best wrestlers in the world in the space of three hours. It’s a win, win.


A possible crossover between ROH and TNA:


I really don’t know. I haven’t thought that far into it to be honest. Never say never as they say. Think about the potential of that. It excites people and that’s good for the industry. So never say never but I really couldn’t tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow or the week after. This is professional wrestling and anything could happen.


The prospect of winning a world title in his career:


It’s the dream. It’s the reason I got in this business and the reason I’m still in it today. I want to be a world heavyweight champion. When you look at me, you judge the book by it’s cover, you don’t look any pages. There’s a lot more to me than just height. Being a small guy there’s a lot more to me than that. That’s what I was fighting for years to get people to notice that and thankfully TNA did and gave me to be more than that.


Working as a smaller performer throughout his career:


I went in with ok, if this is what I am let’s not hide from it. Let’s not pretend I’m this big muscle man. Lets not pretend I’m seven feet tall. Let’s just accept the fact that this is what and who I am. So that’s what I did. I wrestled as the plucky underdog babyface and the annoying short man syndrome rockstar. The annoying British chief of staff and I didn’t shy away from who I was and I never will. Right now what your seeing with Rockstar Spud on your television screens since we’ve been on Destination America sine January, we’ve literally seen the closest to James Michael Curtin your ever going to see on a television screen because the emotions I’m going through, we’ve all been through.


Whether it’s falling out with a friend, having to fight for your life, standing up to bullies, or having a tough decision to make that’s going to impact your life, we’ve all been there. That’s where that connection comes in at and that’s all I hope to achieve is that connection with the audience.


The possibility of TNA ever being a solely UK based promotion:


I don’t think anyone’s on the offer in England for a full time promotion at the moment. If an offer came around that would be very silly to ignore TNA Impact Wrestling because of the great relationship we have with Challenge and the great shows we produce when we’re there. I don’t see it for the foreseeable future but I’ve always believed we should do more shows in the UK, which would be beneficial to one our fans, and two for our shows as well. Going forward who knows, never say no in pro wrestling.


The future of the X-Division:


I firmly believe that the future of the X-Division is someone like Mark Andrews, I really do. He has the ability to connect with the audience and he also has the athletic ability that fans crave in regards to what they did back in the day with a AJ, Joe and Daniels. He has that connection, he has that ability. So going forward I’d like to see more done with Mark. I hope he’s given the reign to wrestle like he used to on the independents and given the opportunity to wrestle because he’s a phenomenal little guy and he’s only 23 years old and all the talent in the world. I really hope that once he gets that opportunity to shine, then he can be the one that brings the X-Division back where it needs to be.

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