– Rey Mysterio will appear for House of Glory on August 21st in Jamaica Queents at the Club Amazora. This will be Mysterio’s first appearance in the New York City area since departing from WWE. More information on the event can be found here.

– Austin Aries took to his Twitter account to lash out on the recent rumors of TNA & Destination America’s working relationship. Aries wrote:

“No matter who’s wrestling companies you root for or hate on, remember the human element. We’re all people working to provide, just like you. If you need to spread negativity or wish the worst, step back and ask yourself why and what good it brings you… The world’s a sphere for a reason…what’s put out there, it all comes around.

I would extend those comments to the journalists who provide for theirs by reporting on what I do… Just because you have the “scoop” doesn’t make you a #GR8 reporter. Knowing when it IS and ISN’T responsible to share that scoop does.”

– Bully Ray will be doing a training seminar on June 5th in Rahway, NJ at the Rec Center at 7:30 PM. The seminar will cost $75 in advance or $100 the night of the seminar and is open only to existing students or wrestlers. For more details, email: [email protected]